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A progress report of sorts

3 months is that all!?! At times it seemed impossibly long, a certain familiarity to the tasks at hand and at others it felt like the days and hours were rushing past and there weren't enough of either to get jobs done. With the dawn of a new year, new decade and a fresh lab and rotational project for the next 12 weeks how's about a moment of reflection before diving headfirst back into the grind.

Square One

Blah, blah, blah. The first step is the hardest. Just Write something. Get some words on a page. Just start… I'm sure i'll get round to telling you some form of an origin story at some. I assure you there's some good stuff in the past 19-37 years that led me to this point today. In the meantime let me just start in the middle. I had an absolute peach of a commute this morning, I usually cycle or run.