Science Insights Online 2020

Science Insights Online is an exciting work experience programme designed to give 5th year high school pupils a real insight into the work and life of research scientists.

Science Insights provides an opportunity for 40 high school pupils to spend a week of their summer holidays following a varied programme of online activities hosted by staff and students from four different University of Edinburgh campuses, gaining a real insight into research and work in many different areas of biological, biomedical and animal sciences.

I took the opportunity to spend some time chatting to the pupils, telling them a bit about what I do, what I've done and doing my best to answer any questions they might have, and believe me you can do all the preparation you want they'll still come up with stuff straight you've not considered.

I think one of the the things I enjoy the most when talking to enthusiastic students is attempting to dispell stereotypes and myths that surround research and scientits. It's not difficukt to make our jobs sound interesting and exciting but it is tricky to give a young student an idea of what the role and career involves when you know yourself it can be defined in so many ways. I find that showing that we are just like everyone else, interested in sport, TV, computer games, fashion etc… is a great starting point.

Before running the gauntlet of questions we were given the chance to introduce ourselves and our research with a short video, you can find mine below.

David Wilson
Wellcome Trust Tissue Repair PhD Researcher

My research interests revolve around Biliary Disease and investigating the key cellular, molecular and transcriptional components that drives progression of fibrosis in the liver .