Square One

Blah, blah, blah. The first step is the hardest. Just Write something. Get some words on a page. Just start…

I'm sure i'll get round to telling you some form of an origin story at some. I assure you there's some good stuff in the past 19-37 years that led me to this point today. In the meantime let me just start in the middle.

I had an absolute peach of a commute this morning, I usually cycle or run. Today was a run day as it was potentially slippy oot with the mercury having dropped over night to below zero and i'd come off the bike last week on a frosty patch and I didn't quite have the nerve this morning. I love a run day, I get to catch up on the longer podcasts I listen too and it's a period of time I get some of my finest thinking done. Some might call it productive meditation… At this time of year a well timed commute can treat to me to some delightful sunrises and today was one of those with frosty branches glistening and a light fog as I passed the Braid Burn. This left me arriving at work feeling energised, enthusiastic and motivated to crack on with my ToDO list for the day.

I'm the wrong side of 12 week rotational project. By “wrong side” I mean that i had a look at my calender this morning and there's only 4 weeks and some change to try and pull some ropey science together into a vaguely coherent story. It feels like there's some kind of crunch on the horizon whereby there is an opportunity to get some data out the other end but at the same time this needs to be balanced with writing a report, a presentation, a statistics course, the usual run up to Christmas shenanigans and, you know, the rest of real life. I've been getting the hang of being productive again and i'm trying to run a tight ship of a ToDO list and yet here I am mashing out some words… go figure…

I think i'd like to come back to the topic of rotational projects but in the meantime I'll say that it's been different to what I expected and at times not quite what I hoped for. I found (am still finding) it hard shifting into a different role in a similar academic environment. However, so far the experience has, on the whole, been everyhting I dreamed of.

David Wilson
Wellcome Trust Tissue Repair PhD Researcher

My research interests revolve around Biliary Disease and investigating the key cellular, molecular and transcriptional components that drives progression of fibrosis in the liver .